William Yates



Languages C++, C#, Java, GLSL/HLSL, C, Python, HTML, CSS
Engines/Frameworks Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, SDL2, XNA/MonoGame, OpenGL, PhysX
Tools Git, Blender, Photoshop, Premiere Pro



Work-in-progress voxel game project utilizing a custom renderer and implementing the PhysX physics engine.

A "greedy" meshing algorithm is used to optimize triangle count, especially on large flat sections of voxel volumes. Each vertex only takes up 4 bytes of vertex memory, each containing position, surface normal, and color.

Unreal Engine

Dynamic Snow Sim

Dynamic snow simulation using a variable resolution depth camera and displacement mapping to create accurate snow deformation.

User Interface Programming & Design

Programming and design of Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) user interfaces. Multiple material effects in play with in-game performance in mind.

Water Material

Somatic Risk

One-week game development project with all custom assets, including code, models, textures, sound and music.

Untitled VR Horror Game

VR Game built in the Unity Engine featuring fully custom interaction system and all custom assets.

2D Dynamic Lighting & Shadows

2D lighting solution with realistic shadowing and object illumination.

Shadow map produced by the renderer in the above scene, along with the wireframe used to produce each shadow and their penumbras. Shadow penumbras are calculated realistically, based off the set size of the light source.


Level design project in the Unity engine, with a focus on world building and environmental storytelling as a walk-through experience.


Development environment for producing live shader effects with user controls with rudimentary VR support. Winner of the 2018 University of Kentucky "CatHacks" 24 hour hackathon.


Voxel game prototype created in the Unreal Engine. Supports networked play and transmission of voxel game maps. Also utlizes greedy voxel meshing algorithm.


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